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Absolutely gorgeous and there was a big fight fir the last one

Rodríguez de Mendoza
Susan Carruthers
Every cup an AAAHHHH!

I did try another coffee when this wasn't available. Boy could I tell the difference. Yes, it was nice but it wasn't Rodrigez De Mendoza's dark roast. I have friends who just come for the coffee. I'm tempted not to share but Yes, I do. I'm no connoisseur but I know what I like and I have a regular repeat order from Cornwall to Staffordshire for my pleasure. And what a pleasure.

Kenya Zawadi Peaberry
Richard Danis
A gem in between

Not easy to find a beans with this kind of the taste. Its a very specific, citrusy flavour once extracted as an espresso. Many people and professional baristas would
not recommended these beans for espresso and suggest to use it for pure filtered but I just live the extra acidity in the taste once done through some good espresso machine.
For years we were buying Kenya Peaberry beans from local shop as couldn't find any other place to buy from or to find any replacement with such taste. But finally I have discovered Tugboat 😊
Saving a £10 pound on each order buying from these lovely people. And coffee is always fresh, conveniently delivered to our doorstep. And I love the personal touch with handwritten note and something sweet to taste as a freebee.
Thank you

Tres Picos
Beki Marriott
Fabulous coffee

This coffee is simply the best dark roast. I love it as espresso OR as standard americano etc. I'm basically a huge fan of Tugboats coffee overall! I've been purchasing coffee from them for a very long time from their little market in Pannier market place Truro, and now get it sent to my home on a small Scottish island!!

Another amazing coffee

Bought this for my husband, who loves a dark roast. He loved it so much he took it to work to share with his colleagues! Will definitely be ordering more XD

Earl Grey Tea
Sarah Boles
Love, love, love this tea

I recently ordered some loose leaf Earl Grey tea from Tugboat and it is delicious. I'll definitely be ordering more. Long term fan!

The best Hot Chocolate

Have been drinking this hot chocolate for years but have struggled to get our hands on it of late.
So glad to have finally found a dealer :) Great service from Tugboat.

Great service and great nougat

The nougat was a gift for my husband who loves nougat….but only if it’s soft! He said this was absolutely delicious. The order arrived very promptly with a lovely hand written note in the package. We are both very impressed with the nougat and the service. Would definitely use again.

Monsooned Malabar
Roger Braithwaite
Won me over to medium blend

I normally drink the darker blends but after one of your staff suggested that medium blends go well with aeropress I thought I'd try monsooned malabar and I'm really enjoying its subtle flavour. Now I alternate between this and the darker Tres Picos.

Tugboat 23
Tugboat coffer

This is a lovely smooth bean, great drunken black on lazy weekends

Great company, great service and most , great tea!

Fantastic tasting coffee

Smooth full of flavour fabulous tasting coffee - decaf and the wonder of it as a coffee bean 🫘

Lovely coffee for someone who doesn't like it too strong

Been a loyal customer of the tea for many years, but recently got a gifted a cafetière and grinder. This is a lovely coffee for myself who doesn't like it too strong. It is really flavourful and I've been really enjoying it as my first introduction to coffee beans. Shall be buying these ones again


Love these coffee chocs. Received some as a gift, so bought more to give as a gift and another box for myself. Wish I could buy them locally.

Monsooned Malabar
Andrew Davis
Wow. What a coffee

I can't describe the flavours properly. I can only say in massive, huge, nay ginormous bright neon letters.
This is now my go to coffee. I have to ration it to weekend only! But that is the only time I can truly relax and enjoy this most marvellous brew.

Italian Roast
Lyn Norman
Strong, authentic and awakening!!

This was a dark coffee with a distinctive caffeine kick. Very similar to coffee I have drunk in Italy. Close to an espresso, so if this straightforward coffee is what you are after, then I highly reccomend it.

Shop pickup

This was my first order which I found very easy to do on line. Sales lady was very welcoming, chatty and polite. My order was ready for me, and I bought other goods whilst I was in the shop. Items I bought were very reasonably priced and good quality. Will definately order from there again.

Most delicious !

I don’t know where else you can get hold of this hot chocolate, but it is truly amazing. So happy to buy from Tugboat which provides really excellent service and super speedy delivery. Lovely cheer up in bleak Feb!

Sumatra Espresso
Andrew Gray
Smooth Sumatra

Keep coming back for this excellent coffee. So much in fact that we get it sent up North.
Thank you Tugboat team

Cornish Dark
Bill Dickson

Probably the most satisfyingly robust so far. Excellent and I will buy again.

Ceylon BOP Tea
David Robertson
Ceylon BOP

I was introduced to BOP in Ceylon in the 1960’s when it was a British Eagle stop over on the Eastern Routes, I’ve been drinking ever since. Say no more !

Celestial Jasmine Tea
Holly Barber
the perfect tea

this tea really is just delicious! i've been drinking it every day since it arrived and its added such a treat to my afternoons!

the instructions on the packet are really clear and easily to follow to make sure you get a perfect clear brew thats not bitter in the slightest! just overall a really calming lovely tasting tea :)

it also arrived soooo quickly i had confirmation that my order had shipped only a few hours after placing! will definitely be stocking up more once this lot runs out and i'm hoping to visit the store in person soon too

Brilliant service, speedy delivery

Given this was sent from one end of the country to the other delivery was very quick. Beautifully and safely packaged too. Will be using this company again. The product itself is well known to us and Tugboat remain one of the few suppliers of this excellent drinking chocolate

As usual, Super fadt delivery of a superb product, thanks.folks

Perfect as.always