Tugboat Java

100% Single Origin Speciality Arabica SCA 84

Taste Notes : Bold / Dark Chocolate
Roast : Medium Dark
Region : Aceh Province
Altitude : 1200 - 1600m
Varietals : Tim-tim, Bourbon & Ateng
Process : Galling-Basah
Organic & Fairtrade

Ric flavours of dark chocolate and a creamy finish.

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Any 4 x 250g bags = £21
Any 2 x 500g bags = £21

Customer Reviews

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This is now new favourite in the house, lovey coffee, tryed every tugboat own coffee, great company found out in 2nd lock down did deliveries which is great we order once month coffee fresh quick and great service

FairTrade, Organic and Delicious. Yes, Yes Yes!

Though I generally I run on Tea, I buy all my coffee from Tugboat. Tugboat Java was the first real coffee I made and is still the coffe I buy most often.
The taste profile written for Tugboat Java is very accurate and you can try it with confidence. I use an OXO cold brew maker and the results are delicious.

That Tugboat Java is Fairtrade and Organic coffee makes me happy because Ethical Shopping matters to me. As does supporting Tugboat, which is a local gem :-)


Best coffee for the Aeropress, punchy but smooth with a gorgeous rich flavour, probably my favourite coffee of all time. Tugboat is an absolute gem of a shop with fantastic customer service and a spectacular range of coffee and tea (and other goodies) . Jess and the team offer great advice and it's always a pleasure to pop in to the shop. Thanks!

Never fails to deliver

A fantastic coffee for people who love coffee. Strong and tasty, it's a sure fire way to start your day, the right way. All this and great service from great people.

Tugboat Java.

I was looking for a strong dark roast with bold flavours and after trying the Papaua New Guinea blend which I loved I was eager to try out Tugboat Java. I'm also keen on supporting local businesses.

I've been using it with my Sage Oracle it's got all the qualities of a dark roast, deep colour, fantastic crema and excellent flabour. The only thing I find about it is that no matter what grind size I set it to the coffee seems to extract to quickly (I've been using a ratio of 1:2 for 28-30 seconds) and a grind size of 10. I'm not sure wether this is a result of the roast being darker or wether the coffee isnt as fresh. Regardless I have still enjoyed the Java and also loved my little sample bag that came with it.