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Cold Brew Iced Coffee Recipe

Cold brew iced coffee

We love cold brew coffee. It produces a very low acidic, naturally sweeter tasting brew than its flash chill cousin and we think now's the perfect time to have a go at brewing your own.It does take some time but it's worth the wait!

Step one 

Get the coffee brewing.
Keeping it simple- we use a mason jar, a filter cone and filter papers. *
Use a rough ratio of 1:8 coffee to water. So 100g of coarsely ground, dark roasted coffee (like our Dark Roast Java) into our jar and topped up with 800ml of cold water. Put the lid on, give it a shake and pop in the fridge overnight. If you can leave it brewing for 24 hours, even better!
Next day filter it out into another jar and pop it back into the fridge. You'll have a concentrated coffee which should give you five or six servings.

Step two

That's it! When you're ready, pop ice cubes into a glass and top up with your cold brewed coffee, dilute with milk or water to suit your taste.

 * If you've got an Aeropress rather than a filter cone then we'd recommend going ahead and brewing your coffee in a mason jar overnight, using your Aeropress to filter out the next day.

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03 July , 2016

Sounds delicious! I think we will try!

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