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Rose Congou Tea

Rose Congou is a classically scented Tea. Traditionally made with rose petals layered into this loose leaf China black tea during processing. The taste is sweet and full with flowery notes. Sometimes a drop of cream can be added. A slightly sweet fragrance and taste, rosy of course.

Taste Notes : Scented
Origin : China

Ingredients : China black tea, petals, flavouring

Brewing :  Use one teaspoon of loose leaf tea per cup and always use freshly boiled water. Allow to brew for 3-5 minutes according to taste, depending on your preference for strength. Enjoy without milk.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Received this as a free item. When I opened it and smelt it I wasn’t over impressed however, once brewed I was hooked. It’s such a smooth tea with a flavour that’s not harsh or bitter for me it’s the perfect tea. I drink it as it is. Will definitely be buying a bigger pack.

Barbara Donegan
Not your average black tea

As the label says, a naturally slightly sweet tea, but that doesn't mean it's not a proper black tea - it's definitely not green or herbal tasting. The scent when you open the pack is heavenly. This was quite different to any tea I'd tried before - I'm not used to tea smelling of roses, but I loved it.

Palden Jenkins
A great tea, particularly for summer

Rose Congou is refreshing and has a nice edge to it, and I recommend it. It works well as a cold or iced tea too. It has a delicate taste. But you can let it stew too (I sometimes put my teapot on my woodstove to keep it hot, and that works fine). If you happen to use other flavoured teas, it's worth brewing a pot of 'normal' tea (in my case, Keemun) in between, because the tastes of flavoured teas can neutralise each other (vanilla and rose congou cancel each other out, for example). Same applies to some cakes and biscuits. It works with milk and some plant milks. Sometimes I do a one-third Keemun and two-thirds Rose Congou brew. Let Rose Congou brew for at least five minutes. It's well worth trying.