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What is iced tea?

What is iced tea?

A summer time staple in many countries, iced tea is becoming ever more popular in the UK, and no wonder: with so many exciting flavours of tea, and fruit infusions that taste good, it's the perfect time to try it! It's also a great way to cut down on sugary, fizzy drinks for those who are a bit more health conscious. Either way, it's delicious!

So what is iced tea? Put simply, it's tea that is served cold, with ice and very often fruit, usually a slice of lemon, but there are no rules and you can experiment!

Is it hard to make? Not at all! There are various ways to make it, including 'sunshine tea', which is where you put the tea in a jar and leave it out in the hot sun for hours. You can read more about that on Wikipedia.  To keep it simple we tend to stick to two iced tea methods: either the cold brew method or flash chill method. Neither is fiddly to make and you don’t need to buy fancy equipment (a standard mug or measuring jug will work just fine, we promise!).

Is it healthy? Pretty much- as long as you don't add loads of sugar or honey, you're good to go! However, we're not saying to never add them to your brews! Some iced teas will shine with a spoonful o'sugar, whereas others won't need any at all. The genius of making your own is that you can choose to sweeten (or not) to taste.

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