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Elderflower oolong summer tea

Elderflower oolong summer tea

Elderflower is one of those flavours that feels truly made for summer- light and floral, it's a real treat for sunny days. We decided to use our Elderflower oolong make our own alternative to shop bought cordial (less sugar) or foraging for actual elderflowers (risk of being stung by nettles/accidentally picking the wrong flowers).

The recipe below combines the gentle flavour of oolong with sharp elderflower and sweet apple. Brew the tea strong and it will go well with sparkling water or lemonade- and maybe a tipple of gin if you're feeling particularly carefree! You can also brew the tea without sugar and freeze it to make delicious ice cubes to bring a little flavour to your water bottle. Both ways are delicious. 

To make: pop three heaped tablespoons of oolong tea into a jug or teapot and add 500ml of hot water- as oolong is a bit more delicate than black tea, allow the kettle to boil and then cool for a few minutes. Steep the tea for about 7-8 minutes and then remove the leaves. Allow to cool for a bit before putting in the fridge to cool. 

Once the tea has cooled, add sugar to taste if desired- if you're going to mix with lemonade, you might wish to use less sugar. As we mixed ours with sparkling water, we added a tablespoon of sugar syrup and mixed it well. The iced tea was then used in the same way as a cordial- you can tweak this if you would rather use it as an iced tea, by reducing the sugar and tea. 

Pop the kettle on, brew, sit back and sip!


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