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What is peaberry coffee?

What is peaberry coffee?

Everyone knows that coffee comes from a bean, but not all coffee beans are created equally- and this is where peaberry coffee comes in. 

Most coffee is produced when a coffee cherry produces two beans per fruit. These beans are the ones we're used to seeing; two beans, each with a flat side that fit together (a bit like an Easter egg).  However, in around 5-10% of coffee crops, a cherry will produce a smaller, single oval bean and these are the sought-after peaberries. The percentage of peaberries per crop is dependent on the weather around it: higher temperatures and lower rainfall will produce more peaberries.

To ensure an even roast, the farm will process them differently according to size and weight. This is because the peaberries need to be roasted differently due to their shape and size; this means that they can taste different from the rest of the crop. Peaberries are famed for having a light, brightly acidic flavour. As the berries don't share any nutrients while growing, due to not sharing them with another seed, this often means that coffee made with them can have a higher caffeine content and a sweeter all-round flavour.

It's safe to say that we're huge fans! We sell Kenya Zawadi Peaberry and without a doubt it is one of our favourites. With everything you would expect from a peaberry, this provides a light, bright flavour with notes of rhubarb and red berries and a berry-like jammy sweetness. We think it is absolutely superb!


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