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Picnic perfection!

Picnic perfection!

Spring has sprung and soon we'll all be able to meet outside again- something that a lot of people are looking forward to! We've got some great recipes for bringing a little bit of a wow-factor for when you're meeting your friends as the weather improves.

What to drink:

Our spring teas are curated to bring a lightness to your day and there's definitely a coffee for everyone, so make sure to pop a thermos in your basket. If the day is hot, why not try one of our iced tea recipes? Or, if you're hankering after recreating your holidays abroad, have a go at recreating some of our favourite teas from travels around the world.

What to eat:

Really, a picnic is all about the food, right? Luckily, we have a ton of easy to make recipes that will brighten up your spread and don't take too long to make. Our oaty biscuits and double choc chip cookies are real crowd pleasers and the afternoon tea biscuits are light and easy to adapt to your taste and tea of choice- as well as super quick to make and easy enough to make with kids. We've even got jam and marmalade recipes if you fancy taking scones as part of an afternoon tea-inspired picnic (or you want to channel your inner Famous Five/Paddington with jam or marmalade sandwiches!) Balanced with some glorious sandwiches and other savoury treats and you've got the perfect picnic- now all we need is the weather to behave itself!


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