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Time for Darjeeling!

Time for Darjeeling!

The days are lengthening and brightening and it's time to switch up our daily tea. Spring is the perfect time try the 'Champagne of teas', Darjeeling- so called because of it's light, fruity flavour. We're huge fans of choosing out teas to suit the season and/or our mood and right now we're in love with our Darjeeling

If any tea has die-hard devotees, it's Darjeeling. Produced in tea gardens in the hills of the Himalayan region, it's famed for its 'flushes' of tea. These are the first and second pickings from the plants and these can go for phenomenally large sums, with those of certain tea gardens commanding even higher prices. 

Because of this, Darjeeling has the reputation as the tea of sophistication- this is the cup you'll be offered with an afternoon tea at a fancy hotel or restaurant, encouraged to really savour it. This is the tea we imagine is drunk by characters in period dramas like Bridgerton and the tea we turn to when we want a moment of luxury. Our Darjeeling has all the elegance without the price tag, meaning that you can channel your inner sophisticate without breaking the bank! 

The lightness of the tea requires a lighter touch when preparing it- depending on which flush (the first flush should be treated almost like a white or green tea to retain its delicacy), it should be brewed at between 85-95 degrees, with a brewing time of 3-4 minutes and served without milk in order to really appreciate the delicate flavour notes, which can range from fruity to ever so slightly floral and delicately astringent.

Once brewed, we recommend settling down with your nicest china (or, more realistically, your favourite mug), a good book and a plate of biscuits and just enjoying the aromatic flavour in a moment of calm. 

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