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Yoga & tea: making perfect post-work out tea!

Yoga & tea: making perfect post-work out tea!

A famous yoga teacher recently did an interview in which she described her favourite things, which included a pricy hibiscus infusion. As much as we love hibiscus- it's a perfect post-workout, post-yoga flow beverage!- we knew that you don't have to spend a fortune to enjoy its sweet yet slightly sharp taste. All you need are some hibiscus flowers and some equipment you already have in your kitchen. Read on for ideas to make delicious hibiscus teas at home!

Made by brewing the calyxes (the outer bud of the hibiscus flower), beautifully ruby red hibiscus tea is enjoyed all over the world. Famously an agua fresca in Mexico, it's also popular in the Caribbean, where fresh mint or ginger is added to give it an extra zing. Its taste notes of a juicy, slightly more floral cranberry but without the dryness often associated with that fruit mean it is an infusion that lends itself to lots of experimentation with other flavours. Doing a gentle yoga flow? Why not try adding chamomile! Want to add some zing for after an intense work out? Add some lime. 

In the article, the yoga teacher explained she made the tea in a glass bottle and let it cool overnight- should you wish to make it yourself to enjoy after you've achieved your sun salutations, you don't need anything fancy! You can brew in a teapot and leave in the fridge overnight, or if this is too bulky (and often it is) you can brew 50g of hibiscus flowers to 1.5 litres of water in a jug or a pan, adding sugar, honey or any other flavourings, such as citrus to taste and drinking hot or cold. As we approach warmer weather, you can also use some of the infusion to make ice cubes- simply pop them in your water bottle for an added pop of flavour on a hot day!


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