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Caffeine free teas (and coffee!)

Caffeine free teas (and coffee!)

Going caffeine free doesn't mean giving up great tea and coffee! Here's our guide to some caffeine free teas, herbal infusions and decaffeinated coffee that taste great.

Whether you want to cut down on caffeine to help you sleep, reduce stress or just to feel a bit healthier, it's never been easier to find something you'll love. Admittedly, it used to be a bit tricky when deciding to cut down or cut out caffeine from our daily lives- the options were limited, expensive and often didn't taste great ('fruit teas' that smelled better than they actually tasted, anyone?!). But now there's a whole range of great tasting options available. Whether you're after something fruity, traditional or a great morning coffee, we've got you covered from dawn 'til dusk!

Are you a tea traditionalist? Then rooibos might just be for you! This South African herb can be brewed up just like black tea- and it will take milk as well. Available in traditional flavours such as Earl Grey and Vanilla, it takes other flavours as well; we especially love Raspberry Rhubarb for something fruity (and it makes a great breakfast smoothie!) and Gingerbread Chai for when we need something a little spicy and warming. If you need to unwind after a busy day, why not try our R+R infusionthat combines rooibos with honeybush and other herbs known for their relaxing properties?

If you're a fan of fruit and herbal infusions, you're really spoilt for choice! There's an infusion for first thing in our Moringa Morning infusion to the classic bedtime staple of a good brew of camomile. If you're looking to replace those sugar- and caffeine-filled juices and cans of pop, our fruit infusions make great iced tea (and cocktails, if you're in the mood) and are delicious hot in the colder months. We'd recommend starting with Red Berry Infusion or Turkish Apple, but do experiment! 

Finally, for those of you who need a coffee first thing in the morning, we have a great decaff coffee! This Honduran coffee has taste notes of chocolate and praline and is perfect for those who like their coffee big and bold. Honestly, this could be the coffee that gets you to give up caffeine forever (or... at least cut down a bit before bed.) Happy sipping!

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