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Celebrate National Cream Tea Day

Jam First Cornish Cream Tea recipe

Friday June 30th gives us a whole day dedicated to the mighty cream tea and a reason ( if needed ) to indulge in scrumptious scones, cream, jam & tea!

Mind you there are rules and ignore them at your peril because if you even consider cream first on your scone bear in mind there's now scientific proof that should put this long held debate to rest. 

Recipe Top Tips

1. Plain Scones. Nothing added, no sultanas,  bits of dried fruit or anything else.

2. Jam first. Always.

3. Clotted cream. Not whipped or odd canned cream.

4. Top quality jam, preferably strawberry.

5. Slice scones horizontally,  spread each half with jam, top each half with clotted cream and serve. Don't try to sandwich the halves together because it never works and is impossible to eat.

6. Big pot of tea ( good and strong, splash of milk, no sugar for us thanks) 

Top Tea Tip Assam.


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