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Rose & Raspberry Oolong


Pairing a loose leaf oolong with the sweetness of raspberries and floral notes of rose means that we're dreaming of warm, sunny days with every sip!

Taste Notes : Spring Fling
Origin : China

Ingredients : China Oolong, natural flavouring, rose, raspberries, pink cornflower blossoms

Brewing :  One teaspoon per cup. Boiling water is too fierce for this Oolong tea. So, for just-off the boil water ( 80c ), simply boil the kettle, let it sit for two to three minutes, then brew your tea, 2 - 4 mins, a little honey or sugar, with or without milk. The leaves are suitable for one re-steeping. 

Details : Originating in China and primarily produced in a few Chinese provinces and Taiwan, oolong is made from tea leaves that have been partially oxidised and twisted to produce a tea that is somewhere between more robust black tea and delicate green tea. Although it looks different to black, green and white teas, oolong comes from the same plant: the leaves of Camelia sinensis.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mary de Ville
Delicious Fragrant Tea

A wonderful oolong that is bursting with flavour.

Carol Brown
Fantastic Flavour

Lovely smooth, fruity raspberry and rose oolong. New one for my list of favourite oolongs.
The sample of Peach Bellini was also beautiful and smooth, a lovely, refreshing drink.

Julie Taylor-Browne

Now one of my favourite teas, up there with Blue Lady. Fragrant, subtle, delicious and refreshing…

Try this! It's Amazing!

Full of flavour and perfect for the summer months.
I highly recommend!

Iain Brown

Refreshing and delicious
Sweet and subtle hint of rose
Makes the room smell fantastic