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We love hot chocolate!

We love hot chocolate!

It's rare to meet anyone who dislikes hot chocolate; it's been around for centuries (there have been archaeological discoveries that show the Mayans were drinking a version from  as early as 500BC). Queen Anne was addicted to it in the 17th century. In the 19th century it was touted by the Temperance Movement as an alternative to the 'demon drink'. Even Wikipedia lists it as a 'comfort food'. It's official: hot chocolate is one of the best things about enduring a cold weather!

If you've ever had the thick hot chocolate served at breakfast in Spain known as chocolate a la taza, you can make this at home easily with Simon Coll's Hot Chocolate Bars - try the popular bars of drinking chocolate for a truly luxurious experience. With 179 years of making chocolate products, Simon Coll know their stuff.

The American love of hot chocolate can be linked back to the Dutch settlers in the 17th century. Fancy recreating the experience? Then Van Houten Cacao is for you! Mixed with a little sugar, this powder can be mixed with either boiling water or milk, meaning luxury with less fuss.

Chocolate flakes are a brilliant way to make hot chocolate; they melt quickly and deliver a richness that's hard to beat. Our Marimba Hot Chocolate flakes showcase the best single origin chocolate from three South American countries: milk chocolate from Venezuela, dark chocolate from Ecuador and white chocolate from the Dominican Republic.

Finally, Choc-o-Lait is such a great way to make hot chocolate- kids especially love it! Just swirl the stick of Belgian chocolate in a mug of hot milk and watch it melt. Available in five flavours from the standard dark and milk to the more grown up Cointreau, this is serious hot chocolate for those who like a bit of fun!

Let us know which is your favourite- and whether you add marshmallows!

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