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Tea, no milk?

Tea, no milk?

It's the British way to add milk to black tea, isn't it? Maybe with the exception of Earl Grey (although lots of people add milk to it), we're a nation of 'milk, no sugar'. We've been wondering, though, whether it's time to try some of our flavoured teas without milk- dairy or alternative. After all, a change is as good as a rest! Of course, some of our teas just don't work with the addition of milk, such as our fruit and herbal infusions, or our very strongly spiced chai blends, Volcanic Chai and Chilli Chai. Spiced or citrus flavoured teas work well without milk, as it allows the flavours to shine through.

However, most of our black teas and rooibos blends work well with or without milk and these are our picks if you want to try something a bit different:

Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy- this festive fave is a real winter warmer; the gently warming spices benefit from being undiluted by a dash of milk (although it's delicious both ways!) If you're feeling particularly brave, add a splash of whiskey!

Masala Chai
Masala Chai Chai lattes are famed for being delicious and milky, but by not adding milk you can really appreciate the subtle blend of spices in a brilliant chai like our Masala Chai. 
Christmas Tea
Christmas Tea Full of traditional Christmas-y spices, this packs more of a punch when it's not diluted by the addition of milk. Perfect for those chilly days, fingerless mittens are an encouraged optional extra.

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