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Summer Fruit Cup recipe

Summer Fruit Cup Recipe

Summer is all about the drinks, right? We've been thinking about how you can celebrate all things sunny with a twist on a 'fruit cup', traditionally a gin-based drink. The most famous is associated with Wimbledon fortnight and rhymes with 'bims'. Our take is made using our lovely Summer Fruits Infusion

1) Brew the infusion strongly, using twice as much tea as recommended. Let this cool.

2) If using gin or other spirits, add to glasses depending on strength desired. If not using alcohol, skip this step.

3) Pour the tea concentrate into the glass, leaving space for topping up and adding garnishes. Obviously this will vary according to taste and the size of your glass!

4) Top up with either sparkling water or lemonade. Top with garnishes, such as cucumber, orange slices, strawberries or borage* flowers. Add a straw and enjoy!

*Top tip- borage is an easy to grow herb that tastes like cucumber. It's pretty AND useful!

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