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Ice, cubed: using tea to cool down!

Ice, cubed: using tea to cool down!

The weather's heating up and we're all feeling hot, hot, hot! We've been experimenting with tea ice cubes as a fuss-free way of adding flavour to colder drinks. They're simple to make, too- simply brew your favourite tea or infusion for slightly longer than the usual brewing time, so that the flavour is stronger. Then pop into ice cube trays and freeze! Why not experiment? Some of our favourites:

Calypso Cocktail- this green and white tea shares flavours with the summer-time classic drink Lilt! We recommend serving these ice cubes in a glass of good quality lemonade with a slice of lime for a grown up twist on a childhood favourite.

Cherry and Coconut Infusion- ice cubes of this in still water (tap water is fine) has been an amazing post-exercise thirst quencher. Deliciously sweet without being too much, it's also a great inclusion into kids' water bottles.

Grenadine and Lime- this sweet and fun flavour will perk up any fizzy water without being overpowering. Add a few frozen strawberries and raspberries and you have a perfect summer time drink!



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