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Our Signature Blends

Our Signature Blends

Obviously, we really love tea and coffee- but some we love so much that we've put our name on them. Our signature blends are those that we think are extra special and we hope you like them too! Each one has something just has a certain je ne sais quoi that makes it really stand out as something a bit different. 

Merchant of Truro- this blend of Indian, Kenyan and Ceylon black teas is hearty and full-bodied, well suited to accompany both your favourite weekend fry up or occupy pride of place next to a glorious Victoria sponge. As well as being blended in the heart of Truro, it also nods towards the city's history as a port and Tugboat's role as its best tea merchant! This tea is perfect for those who like their tea strong and traditional.

Tugboat 23- we like our coffee dark and this espresso blend is just the ticket. With taste notes of chocolate, caramel and praline, this is a dark-roasted coffee for those with a sophisticated palate. Bonus: it makes an excellent espresso martini!

Tugboat Solo- if you like your espresso to still pack a punch, albeit slightly lighter, then Tugboat Solo is for you. It still boasts the praline and caramel flavours of its darker sibling, but is lightened by citrus notes that give it a slight zestiness. This is a great midday coffee for when you don't quite need the wham of a dark roast, but something lighter to get you through the afternoon. 

If you're really after a true Cornish experience, we'd recommend paring any of the above with some Cornish fairings biscuits. Although they're not quite a signature product, we can guarantee they are very tasty!



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