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Making Turkish coffee at home

Making Turkish coffee at home
As people begin to come home from their holidays, we will often be asked whether it's possible to recreate a drink that has been experienced abroad. One of the most frequently requested is Turkish coffee. Also known as Greek coffee, this strong coffee is a vital part of Turkish culture- it is an important part of weddings and can even be used to tell fortunes in a similar way to tea leaves! Best of all, we can help you recreate the flavour yourself at home.
The coffee itself is ground finely, to a consistency similar to that of flour. Any coffee can be used- we'd recommend something like our Amharic Espresso- and is heated in a pan with water and sugar to taste. After it has been brought to the boil once, it is taken off to cool slightly, before being boiled once or twice more and then is poured into small cups, preferably with something sweet to eat on the side. Some people add cardamom, cinnamon or saffron.
We can grind the coffee so that you can experiment at home- all you'll need is a bit of research, a milk pan and some sugar and you'll be good to go!

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