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Enjoy teas from your travels at home!

Bringing a taste of your travels home!
People often ask us how they can recreate some of the wonderful tea experiences they have whilst on holiday. After all, taste is one of our most powerful senses and a particular flavour can bring back memories. Over the next few months, we're going to be exploring tea cultures around the world in a series of blog posts, but for now we wanted to show you how some of our current blends might help you capture some of the taste of your latest holiday:


Turkey: like coffee, tea holds an important place in Turkish culture- it is the number one consumer of tea in the world (the UK is third, behind Ireland.) Many tourists particularly enjoy the fruit and herbal infusions available. Popular flavours include apple and rosehip.

Morocco: Morocco is famed for its mint tea and beautiful tea glasses. Like in Turkey and Egypt, tea is an important part of social culture. In Morocco, the tea is made with spearmint, which is easy to grow at home (although grow it in a pot, otherwise it will take over your garden!), gunpowder green tea and sugar. Our version is a peppermint tea with linden leaves- a soothing, calming drink that's an homage to rather than an imitation of the traditional drink. 

Egypt: Tea is Egypt varies depending on where you are. In the north, you may be served Koshary tea- black teathat has been brewed and set aside for a few minutes, with mint and sugar added. Half a teaspoon of tea is considered to be the most that should be used and milk may be added. Saiidi tea is served in the south and is an extremely heavy tea- two teaspoons of tea per cup is expected and the tea itself is boiled with water for five minutes over a heavy flame. Due to its bitterness, lots of sugar is added. Almost all tea imported to Egypt is from either Kenya or Sri Lanka

Almost all of these holiday favourites are brewed to be very sweet and fragrant, which is why they are probably so popular! Let us know if you've tried another tea on your travels!

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