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Less, but better

Less, but better

When did life get so busy? Work and home has blurred over the last few years and it seems that we're always expected to be on the go and to stop for more than a moment is frowned upon. However, we think it's time to slow down, take some time for ourselves and just... pause.

A conversation we've found we're having more and more with customers is that it's worth considering drinking less tea and/or coffee, but making sure that what we do drink is better. It might seem counterintuitive for us to say this, but it is far more satisfying to drink something of better quality and savour it. Whether that's prepping loose leaf tea and watching it slowly unfurl, or taking time to smell coffee as it brews, there's something rewarding about taking a little time to appreciate the small things in life. 

We're not anti-teabag or instant coffee, either! Whatever your preference, we're advocating for a slower approach at least once or twice in the day. Whether that's making a cup of coffee in the early morning before the kids wake up and you have the house to yourself, filling a teapot as a break from working from home or making some cocoa before you go to bed, there is always time for a brief moment to ourselves. By being more mindful to what we're doing, we can really focus on the flavours and process of what we're doing. It might even lead to us needing less caffeine to power through the day as we don't need to keep going to the point of exhaustion. 

As things open up again, it's tempting to throw ourselves back into old habits with gusto- but if there's anything that the last couple of years have taught us, it's that slow and steady is not always a bad thing.


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