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Iced chocolate and raspberry smoothie

Iced chocolate and raspberry smoothie

Hot chocolate doesn't have to just be for the colder months- it's just as delicious iced! This recipe is super easy and the addition of chocolate ice cubes means that it'll stay cooler for longer and by using milk instead of water, your drink won't be diluted. Although we've made this vegan with oat milk, you can make it with any milk you like (we suspect it'll be lush with coconut milk...) Want a more filling smoothie for breakfast? Add a banana! 


4tbsp Willie's Hot Chocolate  (this will be divided between the ice cubes and the smoothie. If you only want to make one, halve the amount)

Milk- 250ml each for ice cubes and smoothie. We used Oatly Barista.

50g raspberries


1) Make the ice cubes by mixing 2 tbsp of the chocolate powder with the milk and mixing until it's a good smooth consistency. (There is no shame in using an electric whisk if your arm starts getting bored, by the way. It's too hot at the moment to exert more energy than you need to!) Pour into an ice cube tray and pop in the freezer. These take about five hours to fully freeze, but overnight would be perfect if you're planning on this smoothie for breakfast. Also a strong recommendation for the ice cube trays with silicone bits at the bottom, which make popping the cubes out much easier.

2) When you're ready to make the smoothie, get your ice cubes out of the freezer so that they'll be easy to remove from the tray. Then take the remaining ingredients and whizz them in a blender until smooth. Pour into a glass, add your ice cubes (I use two) and enjoy.

Of course, you can make this without adding the fruit if you'd just like a really good milkshake- it'd go down a treat with squirty cream and crushed Oreos on top!


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