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Grenadine and Lime Fizzer

Grenadine and Lime Fizzer

Confession: this was supposed to be a slushie, but I enjoyed the outcome of this experiment so much that I decided to write it up as is. If you wanted a slushie, then all you'd need to do is add more ice, but this feels like a grown up compromise if you don't fancy eating your drink with a spoon and/or getting brain freeze! The flowers are optional- I used nasturtiums for decoration because their beauty and their spicy sweetness are just scream summer to me. If you decide to use flowers, please ensure that they're edible!

To make:

1) Cold brew 100ml Grenadine and Lime infusion in the fridge for about four hours.

2) When you're happy with the cold brew, pop it in a blender with ice. I used twelve ice cubes, but you can add or use less depending on the consistency of drink you would like. Squeeze the juice of half a lime into the blender too. 

3) Whizz everything together until you're happy with it. Pour into a glass.

4) Top up with sparkling water and add a slice of lime (I thought it would float. It didn't. But it adds a bit of flavour.)

5) Enjoy!


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