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Flavoured Coffees

Flavoured Coffees

We sell lots of different flavoured coffee beans in our shop and online throughout the year but come October time the demand for flavoured beans goes through the roof. Quite literally when it comes to the Hazelnut coffee and the Amaretto flavoured coffee but the most anticipated is the classic Christmas coffee blend which is a Colombian coffee flavoured with spiced rum, pecan nuts and a hint of orange.

For all those that have been waiting patiently, the first batch of Christmas coffee has just been roasted and is now going on our shelves, as always we shall have it available as beans or medium ground. Also, for the first time, we are going to be stocking a small roast quantity of decaffeinated Christmas coffee blend and see how it goes, if demand is good then we should have it in stock throughout the season. Remember, for both the regular Christmas coffee and the decaffeinated version we will keep the roasts coming in but once it's gone it's gone so will try to remember to put out an alert just before Christmas Eve when we are down to the last few kilos!

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