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Favourite English Breakfast teas

Favourite English Breakfast teas

We're hunkering down in January and we're determined to keep things simple when it comes to tea, with the sort of 'proper' brew that goes well with hot buttered toast/crumpets/cake (whichever you prefer!) In short, this means we're all about that traditional favourite: breakfast tea.

Traditionally, what we call an 'English Breakfast' tea is a blend of robust, stronger black tea that goes well with a splash of milk. It's been a staple of British kitchens and cafes for the last 150 years and is as popular as ever!

Breakfast teas are sold in a range of 'grades', meaning that the tea leaves are sorted before sale based on size and cut. The cut of a tea can affect both the price and final flavour of a tea. These are some of the leaf grades we offer:

Orange Pekoe: this grading has nothing to do with oranges! Orange Pekoe merely refers to the fact that this is a whole leaf tea (often a young tip of a tea branch with two leaves). Orange Pekoe tea is often bright and lighter than teas made with 'broken' leaves. Fancy trying it? Our Ceylon Orange Pekoe is for you!

Broken Orange Pekoe (BOP): This is Orange Pekoe which has, unsurprisingly, been 'broken' (usually crushed). This tends to give a stronger brew than Orange Pekoe and works especially well with more robust teas such as Assam or Ceylon.

Fannings: This is extremely finely cut tea, which offers a hearty and more intense tea (perfect to go with a full English or to complement a sweet breakfast!) We recommend either our Tinner's Tea or Kenyan Pekoe Fannings.

If in doubt: the finer the cut, the stronger the brew! Still not sure? Drop us a line or pop in store- we're always happy to help you find your perfect cuppa!

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