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Cafe Femenino

Café Femenino coffee

We’re proud to support the work of Cafe Femenino, an organisation dedicated to supporting female coffee producers across Central and South America, as well as coffee producers in Sumatra and Rwanda. Founded in 2004, the organisation had one aim: to ensure that women farmers received the credit they deserved for their crucial role within the coffee industry. Not only is all the coffee produced  grown on women-owned farms, but women are involved every step of the way in the production of the coffee sold under the Cafe Femenino banner.

The  coffee we sell comes from Peru, produced by the first Cafe Femenino co-op  CECANOR. Created in 2004, this collective is made up of 800 women and was groundbreaking in a country where coffee production and economic power was traditionally dominated by men. The women growing the coffee are directly paid a fair price for their produce, enabling them to invest in their communities and empowering them to improve the lives of their families. Since setting up their co-operative, the women have been able to invest in schools and children’s libraries, as well as  programmes promoting literacy and self-esteem, and health and nutrition education. Girls are more likely to be educated than before and domestic violence rates within communities have reportedly reduced. You can find out more about the vital work that Cafe Femenino does to support women and girls around the world by visiting their  website.

Cafe Femenino coffee is not just socially responsible, but environmentally conscious too. The coffee is grown to Fair Trade and organic standards and is grown at around 1500-2000 metres elevation. A combination of Bourbon, Caturra and Typica varieties, it has a medium-bodied flavour resembling white chocolate and forest fruits.  So every time you’re enjoying a delicious cup of coffee, you’re helping someone else - and we’re delighted to be able to support them.

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Norman Hatch
Norman Hatch

13 July , 2022

Superb coffee, brilliant flavours.. This is the first time we tried it, will be back for more. Thank you

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