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Brewing at home

Brewing at home
It's a strange time at the moment, isn't it? Life has changed and it can be easy to forget to what day it is! Whether you're self-isolating, juggling home-schooling with working or a key worker on the front line, things are very different to where we all expected them to be. 

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There are some advantages to the world slowing down. We're not going to recommend you learn a language or write a novel. For a lot of people, just working out what's going on is enough and whatever helps you through it is enough. A lot of people are baking (have you tried our super easy tea bread?) and gathering their mates together on video chat. A routine can be helpful- and this is where loose leaf tea and good coffee come in.
Making a good cup of coffee or a pot of loose leaf tea is a chance to carve out some space, create some routine in a day that can otherwise feel aimless or, in some cases, like you're frantically juggling everything at once. The simple act of boiling a kettle can feel like a pause. The simple pleasure of a favourite tea or the smell of freshly brewed coffee can be a great mood-lifter!
We can't change the world right now, but we can help you make a really, really good cup of tea or coffee.

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