Very Fine Cut Ceylon Fannings Decaffeinated Tea

Strong, breakfast type tea which is a very tasty alternative for those wanting to limit their caffeine intake


    Strong breakfast tea, a tasty alternative for those wanting to limit their caffeine intake. A very fine, fannings cut for extra strength of taste. Whilst great tasting, the leaves are too small for all but the finest mesh infusers or compostable, fillable tea bags. Using CO2 decaffeination.


    Brewing the best cup.1/2 teaspoon per cup. Freshly boiling water, brew your tea for 4 minutes, a good rule of thumb is 3-5 minutes for most black teas (depending on your preference for strength)and enjoy with or without milk

  • These teas are grown in five different growing districts in Sri lanka. The high grown district districts are Dimbula, Nuwara Eliya, and Uva. Teas grown in these areas of 4000ft above sea level tend to be light and flavoursome. There are many different leaf grades in the tea world and they are graded according to leaf size. The O.P. Grade is an Orange Pekoe grade, a high quality thin, wiry leaf that is quite tightly rolled. These larger leaf grades tend to have more complex flavour profiles than their smaller graded cousins and typically can be enjoyed without milk.

  • Sri Lankan Black Tea 

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Customer Reviews

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Great service: great product

From the delightful little handwritten note that accompanied the tea, the promptness of the delivery over the lockdown Christmas, to the taste of the tea - it was superb. A great company that deserves to do well....


This tea is beautiful and tastes great. Thank you for giving the lovely tea experience without the caffeine

Decaffeinated Team

The usual decaffeinated tea is somewhat bland. If you like the taste of strong Ceylonese tea, then the Ceylon Fannings are for you. You will need a fine meshed strainer because as it says on the tin, these are fine cut. Share a cup with a regular tea drinker and they don't even notice the lack of caffeine.

Best loose leaf decaffeinated tea.

Visited shop in Truro whilst on holiday & bought small bag half expecting not to enjoy. Really surprised how good it is so did the offer of 3 large bags. Love the shopping bad too.

Fantastic Ceylon Fannings Decaffeinated Tea!

I was advised to switch to decaf last year and, to be honest, I had resigned myself to never having a decent cup of tea again. All of the ones that I had tried reminded me of the tea that you get in the States - pale, insipid and tasteless!

Your Ceylon decaf loose tea is completely different - it is a good strong tea with a full flavour.

Really pleased and will definitely buy again.