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Vanilla Rooibos

Mix & Match Any Tea Discount
Any 3 x Regular Tea Pouches = £11.50


Infused with creamy vanilla, this redbush superhero is a naturally relaxing drink; quite sweet in taste, caffeine-free, and low in tannin. Delicious hot or cold - try chilling then serving in a jug of crushed ice for a fantastic summer drink.

Taste Notes : Smooth

Brewing :  One teaspoon per cup. Boiling water, then brew your rooibos, 5+ mins, try rooibos on its own the first time and then if you prefer, add milk or sugar to taste. 

Ingredients : Rooibos, flavouring 

Details : The word Rooibos is from Afrikaans, literally meaning ‘red bush’. Although The bushes themselves are green and the leaves that are quickly dried after picking are sold as green rooibos most rooibos that is consumed has a distinctive orange red colour and gives a sweeter taste that develops during the post-harvest “fermentation” (oxidation) process, brought about by natural enzymes in the plant.
It's caffeine-free, low in astringency when compared to black or green tea leaves and contains minerals including iron, potassium, copper, zinc and fluoride.

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Mix & Match Any Tea Discount
Any 3 x Regular Tea Pouches = £11.50

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
I love this!

I added a pouch of Vanilla Rooibos alongside my usual black vanilla tea, not expecting to like it as much as I did...but it's so lovely! I'd tried supermarket rooibos teas and had written them off, but this is totally different. I've been enjoying drinking it at night, and have nearly run out! Definitely recommend.

Simon Law

You don't need caffeine and tea when it tastes this good without it. Such a clean and deep flavour it tastes absolutely amazing and with no tannins at all

Colin Daysh
Save the caffeine for your coffee!!

Lovely, caffeine free Rooibos. So much better than bags and excellent service from Tugboat.

Roy Slights
Beautiful flavour and aroma

Perfect evening drink to unwind with. No sugar or milk needed, hot water and you are surrounded with the beautiful fragrance of vanilla as you lie back and relax.

Georgie Hart
My favourite

This is my go to morning drink. It’s just delicious.