Turmeric Spice

Sweet, spicy and very full flavoured herbal blend


    Warming, subtly sweet, very full-flavoured herbal blend. Enjoy straight up or with milk - especially good with coconut milk!

    Caffeine-free & Organic.


    Brewing the best cup. Two teaspoons per cup. Boiling water, then brew your infusion, 7+ mins, try on its own the first time and then if you prefer, add milk or sugar to taste.

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    Any 3 x Tea Pouches = £11

  • The key element of this blend is the belief in the components ability to fight inflammation and that the less inflammation your body has to cope with the better!

  • turmeric slices* (45%), ginger bits*, aniseed*, cocoa peel*, cinnamon pieces*, *from organic cultivation

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nice spicy tea

I enjoyed this tea even though I am not keen on the aniseed I can't make up my mind if this adds to it or not. It's very spicy which I love. A great pick me up on a cold day or dark wet morning. A lot of really nice ingredients very much worth a try. Beautifully blended.

Nice 'n' Spicy

Bought this as I'd heard that Turmeric is good for joint pains (and I've got more than a few of those). Can't verify that claim yet as I haven't had enough of this tea but I'm happy to confirm it's a very drinkable combination of not just turmeric but also ginger, cinnamon and a few others. I would describe it as a tea that's best for late afternoon/early evening drinking as it's a little too potent for me first thing in the morning. I've been told that it tastes really nice with coconut milk but again I'm not yet able to confirm that. As usual, it was despatched with Tugboat's customary speed and diligence. Perhaps I'll update this after a few weeks when I've tried it a bit more. Thanks for reading.

spicy goodness

One of my favourite teas, I drink it regularly in the late afternoon, often after a busy day, and find it intensely comforting and revitalising. The wonderful spicy flavour really hits the spot, and, as the health benefits of turmeric are well documented, you know it's doing you good as well.