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Pai Mu Tan

Mix & Match Any Tea Discount
Any 3 x Regular Tea Pouches = £11.50


Probably one of the best known white teas, also known as White Peony, this classic loose leaf is picked from the first tea buds of Spring and dried to produce the tea in its purest form.

Taste Notes : Classic White Tea

Brewing :  Brewing the best cup. One teaspoon per cup. Boiling water is too fierce for white teas. So, for just-off the boil water, simply boil the kettle, let it sit for three to four minutes, then brew your tea, 2+ mins, no milk. This will re-infuse well two or three times.

Origin : China
Ingredients : China white tea

Details :  These leaves are not fermented or processed but, rather, left to dry naturally in the sun. The high proportion of buds, with their silver fuzz, result in a white/light coloured tea. Brew very lightly for a smooth, fresh taste, longer brew for a sharper flavour.

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Mix & Match Any Tea Discount
Any 3 x Regular Tea Pouches = £11.50

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I buy from Tugboat regularly. Both the service and products are always first class. Thanks guys 😊 Susie Cooper

Pai Mu Tan White tea

An easy tea to drink, anytime day or night and interesting reading about the potential health benefits.
Will be buying again.

Beautiful tea

This is a very refreshing tea with pleasant taste. Made with real leaves not powdered bits in a bag. I rebrewed the leaves as well. This is the first time I’ve had white tea or “proper” tea. (Not bags) I’ve put in orders for 4 more types and am enjoying them just as much.

William Bevington
Very good white tea

I've had this both brewed in a normal teapot and gong-fu style in my gaiwan - it's lovely! It re-brews multiple times, and tastes mildly sweet and grassy, a great introduction to white tea!

Aaron Burden
Favourite go to tea

I originally bought this tea as my first foray into white teas and I am so glad I did. Being able to rebrew the sames leaves multiple times is brilliant especially if you're sat work at a desk all day. Definitly get value for money. Highly recommend to my friends and family.