Celestial Jasmine Tea

China green tea infused with pure jasmine giving an enticing floral aroma and a delicious full-bodied, soft flavour with a touch of sweetness to it. Absolutely one of the best loose leaf jasmine teas available.  A real celestial treat for quiet moments.

Taste Notes : Divine Jasmine
Origin : China

Ingredients : China green tea, jasmine

Brewing : Brewing the best cup. One teaspoon per cup. Boiling water is too fierce for green teas. So, for just-off the boil water, simply boil the kettle, let it sit for three to four minutes, then brew your tea, 2+ mins, sweeten to taste, no milk.

Details : There is a real art to the production of good jasmine green teas. These Chinese leaves are harvested and processed in the spring, then kept fresh until the summer jasmine season. When the jasmine is picked, the young buds of jasmine are then layered over the tea and carefully turned to release their essential oils, a process repeated up to six times with fresh batches of flowers. It takes time to produce so take time to enjoy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I have tries so many different company’s jasmine tea however they don’t compare to how divine this tea was. I 100% recommended :)

Sarah L
The Best

I love this tea, so refreshing, smells divine, PERFECT!

Millicent Jones

This tea is as good as it is named. I have been buying it for several years now and it is always excellent

Julia Drage
Refreshing and soothing

We have this tea almost every evening after supper. It's calming and aids digestion; perfect for an after dinner tea.


Refreshing and floral, really enjoyed this tea!