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Chilli Chai Tea


Chilli Chai tea ticks all the right boxes. It warms you up, peps you up, and tastes delicious, there’s nothing else like it. This warming spiced chai kicks the cold away with a myriad of spices blended with black tea. For those that like their chai with an extra kick, the chilli adds an extra taste dimension, just enough heat to lift the spice flavours. Superb served black or with milk and a little sugar will really bring the flavours up.

Taste Notes : Hot Spice
Black Tea

Brewing :  One teaspoon per cup. Boiling water, then brew your tea, 4+ mins, a little honey or sugar, with milk. Try this out as a chai latte. Brew a tsp with half a mug of water and top with whisked up milk (coconut milk adds an extra layer of taste) and sprinkled with cinnamon or ginger. 

Ingredients : Black tea, ginger, cassia, cardamon, chilli flakes, flavouring

Details : Chai comes in many forms, simply because chai is a word for tea in numerous languages, derived from Mandarin Chinese chá. What many of us think of as chai, is actually masala chai. The word masala is an indian term for a mix of spices. So we have masala chai, aka spiced tea. Once masala chai made its way across various oceans, it dropped its first name and become lovingly referred to as just chai.
Going back to the early 20th century, although India was a big producer of tea, consumption of black tea within India remained low, until various campaigns by the Indian Tea Association to promote tea. The official promotion of tea was as served in the English mode, with small added amounts of milk and sugar. People in India added the spices, that we now associate with masala chai. The staple players being cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom, fennel and pepper. For as many various regions as there are in India, there are just as many ways to make this spiced beverage. And, of course, it has now evolved.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Andy McCaw
Totally addictive

Loving this tea, great taste as a black tea with a strong chilli kick. Also makes great Chai Latte.
Also, loved the Calypso freebie. A nice easy chill out cuppa

Alistair Palmer

For me, this is the best tea ever!

Loz M

I was given a taster of this product as a Christmas present and was not optimistic as I do not really drink tea and do not enjoy "chilli". However I immediately loveed the taste and have ordered much more !! The service on my order was outstanding and the personal note meant a lot. Highly recommended (I have mine without milk)

Edward Dunne
Stunning tea

I have always had a love for masala chai but this chilli chai really has a wonderful kick to it and is wonderfully comforting and gloriously spicy

Now my daily brew

Love this Chilli Chai. It needs a good 5 minutes brew to get the chilli kick. Well balanced, I like it black to kick start my day.