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Chocolate Truffle Flavoured Coffee

Whether you say Σοκολάτα, Chocolat, Schokolade, Шоколад, or just plain Chocolate, this flavour needs no introduction. Chocolate is one of the great flavours of the world and, when added to medium roasted Colombian coffee beans, it just comes together beautifully.

Taste Notes : Rich Chocolate
Roast : Medium

Ingredients : coffee, flavourings

Notes : No added sugars, syrups or coatings, just quality Arabica Colombia beans that are medium roasted and infused with flavours. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Debra Haywood

Like all the flavoured coffee I have tried from Tugboat, this coffee is delicious. It smells amazing and goes well baileys (to me they all do) I will no doubt keep re-ordering this.

Steve Davis
Delicious aroma and taste!

I absolutely love this Chocolate Truffle blend and reordered another pack myself as soon as the one I was given as a birthday gift ran out!! I do however tend to prefer it blended with other more conventional stronger coffees in the ratio of about 1 part Chocolate Truffle to 2 parts of say Columbian, which gives a very satisfying brew with a sweet hint of chocolatiness!!

Miss Larratt
Chocolate truffle flavour coffee

I found this coffee to be rather weak. How much would you.recommend for one mug? I've just used 2.5 dessert spoonsful, that is about right. Loved your handwritten note with the parcel and the chocolate covered coffee beans were delicious. Thanks I will order from you again. Ruth.

Charles Rae
Coffee heaven!

This coffee is exquisite; I am sometimes disappointed when a great smelling coffee isn't so great when my taste buds are exposed to it. Not so with this coffee, which is every bit of heavenly to taste as to smell. It just feels so decadent; forget about caviar and champagne. This is a much more affordable luxury! And I loved the gift of chocolate coated cofffee beans. Just the perfect complement to this delicious coffee.

Jennie Vian
So smooth and tasty!

Getting this flavoured bean means I never have to add sugar to my coffee! When it gets colder outside, the chocolate truffle flavour is really welcome!