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Why I love dark roasted coffee

Dark roasted coffees

Dark roasts just aren't cool. People have been saying this for yonks and yes, whilst there has been a huge shift towards lighter roasted coffee over the years,  there is still a big place in my heart for a good, dark roasted bean. I like its no nonsense approach, its big shout out of "HERE I AM!!" as it greets me in the morning. No, it's not subtle, shy or even delicate. That's the whole point. But it doesn't make it evil. Nor should I be belittled for enjoying it, because it's not always about wanting to taste the terroir of your coffee bean. I don't think that makes me a heathen, but then I don't really care if it does. 

As a movement I think that the shift towards lighter roasting has been a good thing. People, quite rightly, want to be able to appreciate differences in the coffee that they buy. The what, where and why of what they are drinking.

They understand that lighter roasted beans offer more of the subtle flavours of that bean, the characteristics of that bean are going to be more pronounced and intact. Equally true that darker roasted beans can have less subtle layers of taste but none of that means that one style of roasting is necessarily better than the other.

What matters is quality. Both of the bean and in the roasting.  Bad beans are just bad beans, so lets just ignore those because they're never going to taste good. And a good bean roasted poorly should be likewise ignored. Start with good beans and roast well, the point being to balance the origin of the bean with the style of the roast. For heavens sake, if you like dark roasted coffee beans, embrace your inner dark side!!

Not wanting to lead you astray, but if you fancy a taste of the dark side you might enjoy the Continental

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