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UK Coffee Week: 29th April- 5th May 2019

UK Coffee Week: 29th April- 5th May 2019

**** Update ***** 

Thank you so much- you're brilliant! With your help we raised £184 for coffee growing communities in Ethiopia. You can follow updates here.


We're very pleased to let you know that Tugboat is supporting UK Coffee Week this year- and it's all in aim of supporting an excellent cause: Project Waterfall.

For the duration of the week, we'll be donating 10% of all sales of coffee to Project Waterfall, which aims to work with Water Aid UK to bring clean water and sanitation to the Jabi Tehnan community in Ethiopia, where 38% of the local population rely on the coffee industry. This is just one of the projects that Project Waterfall supports across the world in coffee growing regions.

As well as raising funds for a brilliant cause, UK Coffee Week is about having fun and connecting the nation's coffee lovers with coffee shops and retailers. You can help by supporting businesses taking part in UK Coffee Week and using the hashtag #mycupmatters across social media to help raise awareness. So why not join us and enjoy your daily cup of coffee knowing that you've helped those who helped to produce it?

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