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Summer in a cup: why we love hibiscus!

Summer in a cup: why we love hibiscus!

We’re huge fans of our Hibiscus Blossoms here at Tugboat- tasty, gorgeous to look at and caffeine-free, it’s a real all-rounder!

What is it?

Hibiscus ‘tea’ isn’t really a tea at all, but a tisane- a brew of a plant that’s neither tea or coffee. In this case,it’s a herbal infusion made from the dried magenta coloured calyces of the lovely Hibiscus Sabdariffa flower plant. These are the leaf-like parts of the flower that enclose the developing flower bud.

The plant grows in tropical climates and is enjoyed as either a tea or a cold drink in many of these regions.

As hibiscus flowers produce a naturally caffeine-free brew, it's great for those who want something light and refreshing. Enjoyed hot, it's a great fruity drink- simply brew a couple of hibiscus blossoms in boiled water for 5+ minutes, add sugar or honey to taste and enjoy. 

Alternatively, hibiscus tea can be enjoyed cold- and we promise that it's a real thirst quencher! Why not have a go at making our simple Mexican style agua fresca recipe for hot days? 

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