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Prices & Recyclable Packaging

Prices & Recyclable Packaging

We've made some changes to our prices and packaging here at Tugboat and we wanted to let you know what they are.


It's always been best value to buy your coffee in 1kg bags, but we've decided to align our online prices with what we offer our instore customers. This means that you can now mix and match any four 250g bags or two 500g bags of any of our coffees for £21 (perfect if you'd like to try a few out before taking the plunge and buying a 1kg bag of your favourite!) We're also really pleased to let you know that both of the smaller bag sizes are also now fully recyclable. 


As ever, our £13 bulk bags remains the most economical way of buying your tea, but we're now offering three of our regular sized pouches for £11 (or £4 each) if you like a bit of variety in your daily brews. Sample sizes will remain available at £2 each. We're also working on phasing in fully recyclable packaging for our bulk bags and regular pouches and we hope that this will be completed by October. 

Finding recyclable packaging has been something we've been working on for the last five years- we've been searching for the perfect balance between practical and environmentally friendly and this hasn't been easy. We have needed to find an answer that means your tea and coffee remains at its best for as long as possible. After weighing up all the different options (oxydegradable, compostable, biodegradable), we decided to find something we knew could be easily recycled and not reliant on all of our customers having compost bins at home or local food waste schemes- or, worse, just sticking it in the bin and hoping for the best! 

Over the next few months, we'll be moving towards packaging marked #4 Fully Recyclable. This means that the bags can be recycled anywhere plastic bags can be recycled, as well as some local council kerbside recycling schemes for plastic (you can check your local authority's website for this information).

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Sandra Tesseyman
Sandra Tesseyman

19 July , 2020

I am looking for loose tea that comes with a packaging that is not produced from petro-chemicals or is reliant on being recycled as this does not always happen in a lot of cases. Compostable would be my ideal choice or paper but not sure if tea can be packaged in Do you offer tea in this kind of packets? Thank you Sandra

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