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Is It Christmas Yet?

Getting ready for Christmas

Yes, it's October, I know it seems early to be thinking about it, but we are gearing up for Christmas tea and coffee gift buying.

It's not that I want summer to end, I enjoy summer, but it has to be said that summer in Cornwall can be a bit hit and miss. You never know quite where you are with it and it can be just a tad tricky to plan anything outdoors ( think we managed to use the bbq about half a dozen times. Perhaps not even that! )

Now winter on the other hand, you know exactly where you are. Yes, it's cold, it's rainy and gets dark early but somehow it's ok because it's winter, which means; crisp morning walks, cozy nights indoors, candles, bowls of soup with big chunks of bread, all of that AND Christmas is around the corner, bringing twinkling lights, ribbons, baubles ( which the Little Cat just loves ), gifts, baking, lots of cheese, a chance of snow. All of these things I get ridiculously excited about.

So, with this in mind, we are cracking on with blending our winter warming teas.

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