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Introducing our signature tea: Merchant of Truro

Introducing our signature tea: Merchant of Truro

We're excited to introduce our new signature tea, Merchant of Truro. Blended in the heart of the city, its name is a nod to Truro's long history as a centre of trade throughout the ages, as well as to our role as its best tea merchants!

The idea behind the blend was a tea that would be perfect at any time of day, but especially suited to long, lazy Sundays- the sort where you read the paper in bed, a full teapot on the go. The blend of Indian, Ceylon and Kenyan tea gives a hearty flavour that, with a splash of milk, goes well with both a slice of afternoon cake or a full English breakfast. 

We're proud of this tea and we think it encompasses everything we love about what we do. We hope that you love it as much as we do. 

Part of our Breakfast Tea Collection 

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