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Hot chocolate season is here!

Hot chocolate season is here!

We've loved cocoa in the UK for centuries and the Latin name for the cocoa bean means 'food of the gods', so it's no wonder we reach for it at any and every opportunity. With the nights drawing in and the days getting colder, it's the perfect excuse to grab a mug and whip up some hot chocolate. Let's take a look at some of the varieties we have here at Tugboat! 

Willie's Hot Chocolat

Willie's Hot Chocolate

Willie's Hot Chocolate is a rich, dark hot chocolate made from single estate cocoa beans from Colombia. Made from only two ingredients- cacao and raw cane sugar- it is vegan and goes well with any milk you choose. 



Choc O Lait Hot Chocolate Sticks

Made with real Belgian chocolate, Choc-o-Lait is one of those fun products that is practical (great for camping!) but also really great as a gift (kids love them!) Just pop the stick into a mug full of hot milk and watch it melt, producing lovely hot chocolate. Available in a range of flavours, including classic milk chocolate and a decadent dark chocolate, these are sure to be a huge hit. 

Belvas Hot Chocolate Drops


Belvas Hot Chocolate Drops

These luscious little drops of Belgian hot chocolate can be dropped into a mug of hot milk. Once melted, they produce a deliciously decadent hot chocolate. With 100% natural ingredients, they're also organic and vegan, so pair with whichever milk you prefer and away you go!

Simon Coll Spanish Hot Chocolate

Simon Coll Spanish Hot Chocolate

This Spanish hot chocolate has been around since 1840, so you know they know exactly what they're doing! Available in three flavours, these bars of chocolate are rich and decadent; melt one or two pieces (we recommend two, but your mileage may vary) into a pan of warming milk and then pour into your mug for a delicious drinking experience. 

Marimba Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate Flakes

These delicious hot chocolate flakes showcase the very best cocoa from South America: milk chocolate from Venezuela, white chocolate from Columbia and dark chocolate from Peru, all are incredibly delicious and special. Simply sprinkle a generous amount of flakes into hot milk and enjoy. If you're doing it right, you should get four or five servings from each box. 

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