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Frappuccino Recipe

Frappucino with a straw

This frappuccino is another favourite way of making iced coffee to keep you fueled and cooled throughout the summer. You don't have to have it topped with whipped cream but it's really, really good!


1/2 mug of cold super, extra strong brewed coffee*
1/2 mug of milk
1/2 mug of ice cubes
Tablespoon of sugar
Whipped cream - if you're ever going to use that squirty canned cream this is the time!


Combine the ice, strong coffee, milk, and sugar in a blender and wizz up until frothy and ice is pulverized. Pour into a tall glasses and top with whipped cream.

Serves one large glass or two medium glasses.

 *Can't stress enough that you really do need super strong coffee. I drink loads of iced coffee in the summer and tend to make a batch of concentrated cold brew coffee that I store in the freezer.

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