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Classic Black Iced Tea Recipe

Classic Black Iced Tea Recipe

Perfect for entertaining in the sun this bank holiday weekend, super easy to make up and have ready to go.

1 litre water
6 teaspoons black leaf tea - we tend to use Ceylon, Keemun or Lapsang
Really big bunch of fresh mint
150g sugar
4 lemons


1. Add your tea, most of your mint - save a little for garnishing - and sugar, together with approx. 600ml of boiling water and allow to brew for 3 -5 minutes or so.

2. Strain into a large jug, top up with the remaining 400ml of water and allow to cool before adding the lemon juice along with the zest. Top up your carafe with ice or water.

3. Serve with lots of ice and garnish with mint. You might want to have some sugar syrup to hand if you have a sweet tooth.

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