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Autumn leaves... and autumn teas!

Autumn leaves... and autumn teas!

It's our favourite season! It's been a tough old year and now's the time to hunker down, regroup and stick the kettle on. This year's autumnal offering will keep everyone happy, no matter what their mug of choice is.

For the tea lovers, there's our amazing chai collection- complete with recipes, if that takes your fancy. And the best news is, after a short time away, Henny and Joe's Chai is back! Hurrah! This infusion allows you to make classic chai lattes at home, easily.

We know that our flavoured coffees have a devoted following and what better time than now to start brewing your favourite? We'd recommend Maple and Pecan or Salted Caramel as a starting point if you're not sure to begin. If flavoured coffee isn't your thing, we've got you covered with our strong coffee collection. It won't change the weather, but it'll certainly make those darker early mornings easier to bear!

Of course, what would our seasonal offerings be without our renowned selection of hot chocolates? We've selected the finest hot chocolates from around the world, which we know will keep kids and adults happy. Just bring the marshmallows and squirty cream!

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