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All power to peppermint!

All power to peppermint!

Peppermint is perhaps one of those flavours that we take for granted- we're used to it in toothpaste, chewing gum, ice cream and- yes- tea! But it's also a fascinating plant: hardy, useful and easy to grow (although always grow it in a pot as it has a habit of taking over anywhere you grow it!)

The cooling properties of peppermint have been known for centuries and it has long been used to help headaches, nausea and to clear blocked noses that come with a cold. There's a reason your nan used to carry mints on a long car journey and why peppermint tea is popular with pregnant women! It's a soothing tea that can be brewed up quickly, whether with dried tea leaves or fresh leaves from a plant you grow yourself. 

Morocco is the world's biggest producer of mint and this makes sense when you learn of the country's fondness for mint tea, which is enjoyed throughout the day. It's also great to drink after a late night meal, as it will calm your digestive system and there's no caffeine, so you won't be wide awake after a cup! 

Mint has its place in folklore, too- in England, it was believed that if you found a flowering mint plant on Midsummer's Day, you would have eternal happiness, whereas the Italians believed it would protect children from illness (which makes sense when you realise how much it was relied on as a natural remedy.) In his 1658 Herbal, English writer Nicholas Culpeper believed that it could cure all the usual things, as well as both leprosy and being bitten by a rabid dog, which is... doubtful!

Of course, as with all things in this vein, the key is to always see a doctor if you have health concerns. But if you fancy a bright, fresh tea that will add a little spring in your step without caffeine, we recommend our Peppermint Cut Infusion. If you like your tea a little more on the icy side, why not try our Glacial Mint blend.



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