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A little more about La Bastilla coffee

A little more about La Bastilla coffee
We love everything about our La Bastilla  coffee from Nicaragua- not only does it taste great, it has solid eco-credentials and a great community ethos.
Grown in a micro climate between 1050-1450 metres above sea level and near the important Jingotega and Dantali el Diablo nature reserves, La Bastilla is one of the few speciality arabica coffee estates in Nicaragua. The coffee, famed for its gorgeous flavour and smooth body, is Rainforest Alliance Certified and everything from growing to processing is done on-site. It really is a single origin coffee and we buy via direct trade, so you know you're guaranteed a good quality cuppa at a fair price.
As well as growing great coffee in an environmentally friendly way, La Bastilla also set up a school for the children of the employees and a technical education project to support young people access training in either tourism or farming. These projects help support the rural community and ensure that the next generation has access to opportunities they may not have otherwise. 
If you're looking for a gorgeous top quality coffee, why not consider trying La Bastilla?

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