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Van Houten Cocao

Top notch cocao powder from the Dutch masters of chocolate drinks. The dream began in Amsterdam 1828 when C.J. Van Houten invented the process of manufacturing cocao. Very soon Van Houten’s cocao and chocolate powders conquered the hearts of thousands of chocolate lovers.

Melt three or four into a cup of warm milk - we get four or five cups per bag.

ORIGIN : Holland

INGREDIENTS : Cocoa powder

NOTES : Directions for use: Mix one teaspoon of cocao with two teaspoons of sugar together in a cup, add boiling milk or water, mix continuously.

230g Tin

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Anna Marquis
Va Houten Sentimental Journey

Awesome- somehow even tastier than I remember from my childhood ( when it was a rare treat)..

Nikki Hurd

Oh my goodness this is amazing, will definitely be ordering again. Have even mixed it into porridge with chopped banana.

Van houteb cocoa in a tin

These are gifts, because I know how godd it is and regularly use Van Houteb cocoa from the box (I usually buy mine in France, but I believe it's now available in the "posher" supermarkets). These little tins are beautiful and will be much easier to dig the cocoa from as well as keeping it fresher. I'll let you know what the recipients think after Christmas.

Toni Honey
Absolutely delicious

The instructions suggest adding a spoonful of sugar but personally I like mine without or with a couple of marshmellow plopped in! Super rich taste and the tin is just so gorgeous! Love it!

Michael Churton
Great, strong product.

Strong, rich chocolate powder in a lovely traditional tin at a very competitive price. Shipped in strong cardboard packaging for damage free transit. Very quick delivery. Excellent!