Black Stojo Collapsible Cup 12oz

  • SIP - STOW - GO

    Perfect on the go collapsible cup!

    This black Stojo pocket cup is ultra-portable, leak proof, collapsible, and reusable. Not only is it a convenient alternative to bulky travel mugs it's also better for the environment than disposable cups.

    To fill, simply unfold the silicone body from the rigid lid and fill. It features a solid thermal heat sleeve that slots neatly into the lid when not in use. The lid has a swivel plug to fit snugly over the drinking hole to prevent leaks.

  • Breaks down for easy cleaning.

    Top shelf dishwasher safe.

    Not microwave safe as it can mis-shape.

    Designed more as a on-the-go cup rather than a cup to keep drinks hot. We found that it retains a good heat for about 30 minutes.

    Made from safe, recyclable materials. No BPAs, phthalates, leads or glues.

    Food grade silicone cup and stopper. Polypropylene lid and heat sleeve.

    Size: 12oz / 355ml

    Weight: 4.4oz / 125g

    Diameter: 8.9 cm

    Expandable height: 12.7 cm Collapsed height: 4.45 cm

  • How do I clean the cup?

    Unscrew the plastic lid from the plastic collar. Separate the collar and sleeve from the silicone cup. Put everything in the top shelf of the dishwasher or wash it by hand.

    How do I reassemble the cup after cleaning?

    First - ­​Position the plastic collar, threaded side up, above the silicone cup.

    Second - ­​Deform the cup into a “C” shape and push it through the collar.

    Third – ​Make sure the seal (ie. the top silicone ridge of the cup) sits adjacent to, and completely above, the top of the plastic collar.

    Fourth – ​Screw the lid tightly onto the plastic collar to ensure an adequate seal is formed.

    Can I put the cup in my bag when it's filled with coffee?

    We would not advise anyone to put the cup in their bag while it's filled with liquid. While liquid in all likelihood would not leak out, there is a chance something inadvertent could occur, and we wouldn't want your cup to be to blame for a drenched bag. For example, if the stopper were to get snagged on a backpack zipper, it could dislodge, and liquid would spill out of the spout. You should feel completely comfortable collapsing your cup into a disk and throwing it in your bag when it’s mostly clear of liquid though (if some moisture and droplets remain inside the cup, they will not leak out when the cup is properly closed).

    You can learn more about the guys behind Stojo here

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