Iced Tea Ideas

Mixing your iced tea with fruit juice, lemonade, sparkling water are all tasty ways to adapt iced tea.

Fresh fruit or fresh herbs ( peppermint for example, we have tons growing in the back garden right now ) are best added to the finished iced tea.

But spices, cinnamon sticks are great, exciting flavours, and these are best brewed with the hot tea for full-on flavour. I think that while green and black teas tend to be better tasting cold brewed, fruit infusions and rooibos both benefit if brewed hot and then chilled.

Just enjoy, have fun, experiment  and create your own wonderful brews.

Green Tea

Iced Mint Tea

Gunpowder green teas work well, as does our Moroccan Mint.

A favourite is our Tropical Green which has a fruity freshness also a jasmine tea works wonderfully well with some fresh ginger.


For the uninitiated, the first glass of iced rooibos can be quite a revelation!

Because it lacks the astringency of iced tea, it's naturally sweet on the palate and utterly drinkable. And it's caffeine free to boot!

Fruit Infusions

Fruit teas, made primarily from dried fruits, are yet another fabulous way to brew up an iced beverage without any caffeine. Iced hibiscus tea is another favourite, in many countries  hibiscus tea is called Sun Tea.

To make a litre, take six generous teaspoons of fruit infusion, add a litre of boiling water. Sweeten with sugar if you fancy.

Leave to cool and strain (and then chill in the fridge if you like). Serve over ice adding slices of orange or lemon with a sprig of mint.

Or make a more concentrated infusion and top up with lemonade, or sparkling water or even perry for extra fizz.

Iced Strawberry Champagne

Make up some strong  Strawberry & Kiwi Fruit Infusion  and freeze in an ice cube tray.

Slice in half some nice juicy strawberries and place in the glasses, top with champagne and some Strawberry Ice cubes.

Berry Float

Using our  Mixed Red Berries Fruits Infusion, chilled down and topped with lemonade, fresh raspberries or strawberries & ice cream.

Lemon Ginger Fizz

Make up a strong batch of  Lemon Fruit Infusion  sweeten with a little honey, chill & strain then top up with ginger beer and crushed ice.

If you don't drink it all -  freeze in an ice cube tray to enjoy later or frozen on a stick, like a lolly:)

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