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V60 Offer

  • 1 x V60 Transparent 02 Dripper
  • 1 x White Coffee Scoop
  • 100 x Filter Papers
  • 250g Coffee

Fantastic offer alert: get a V60 Dripper, 100 filters & 250g Bag of any coffee for just £15- limited stock available!

A quick and easy way to make a top quality cup of coffee. Everything is included and you can choose a coffee to get you started.

Valid whilst stocks last!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sandy Jeffreys
Tugboat 23, What a Beautiful Coffe!

On finding this shop I was back and forth checking out the different coffees and that was about it until this V60 SPRING OFFER. So of course I took advantage, I am so glad I did!
That Tugboat 23 is delicious and brought me back to days when coffee was proper. Days of having coffee with my Grandmother when a child (only a couple of sips or three), coffee with my Mom when older and working at The Washington Market in NYC in the early 80's.

At the Market we'd get in large burlap bags of coffee beans from different parts of North America, true coffee! I was pretty spoiled being able to try the different beans before starting my day.

That is what Tugboat 23 did for me. I made my first cup following the instructions and when I had the first sip I couldn't believe what I was drinking. I just had to sit and savour, taking my time and enjoying that boost of flavour, warmth and strength. It really stunned me into giving it my full attention, no rushing, just enjoying.
Thank you Tugboat, it was an exciting experience. It's been so long since I've had real, proper coffee. I am once again spoiled!

The Dripper, coffee Scoop and Filter Papers all added to the goodness of my morning. I also was able to use my special coffee mug, a gift from my Sister, which was just in the closet and admired when going for my usual mug.

Thanks so much Tugboat and Mike for the gift of the Chocolate covered Coffee Beans which was most excellent! I don't know how I did it but I made those beans last a week!

Very Best regards,

Mrs. Sandy Jeffreys

Miss Frances Banks

Easy and quick to use, makes the perfect coffee.